Witching Chronicles: Exploring The Kayleth’s New Babylon

When you hit play on Kayleth’s “New Babylon,” this album doesn’t just occupy your ears; it takes over your mind, pulls you into a world both alien and unnervingly familiar, and leaves you questioning reality itself.

Kayleth, hailing from Verona, Italy, has been active since 2005. Their sound is deeply rooted in the stoner rock traditions of bands like Kyuss and Monster Magnet, but with “New Babylon,” they’ve ventured even further into the cosmos, blending heavy riffs with lush, spacey synths to create an album that feels like an odyssey.

The concept of “New Babylon” is immediately gripping. The album tells the story of a distant planet that mirrors Earth in its flaws and beauty. From the monstrous giants that plunder everything in their path to the old warriors seeking purpose in endless battles, Kayleth paints a vivid picture of a world in turmoil – a mirror to our own existential dilemmas.

The opening track, “The Throne,” sets the scene with intense rhythms from the very start. Marching, and at the same time methodical riffs and atmospheric synths create a sense of anticipation, drawing you into the desolate landscape of New Babylon. As the vocals kick in, you can almost feel the dust and hear the distant echoes of this alien world. The guitars growl and churn like machinery in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, while the lyrics tell of colossal beings that ravage the land. It’s impossible not to draw parallels to our own world’s corporate giants, making the song both a powerful narrative and a biting social commentary.

The addition of a synthesizer has taken Kayleth’s sound to new heights. Tracks are enriched with spacey, psychedelic textures that elevate the band’s heavy rock foundation. These parts feel like cosmic journeys, with the synths adding layers of depth that make the music feel vast and uncharted.

Kayleth has crafted a work that is a homage to the stoner rock genre. It’s music for those who seek meaning in the chaos, who yearn for exploration and understanding in a world that often feels alien and inhospitable.

In “New Babylon,” Kayleth invites us to look beyond the surface, to question, to evolve, and ultimately, to believe in something greater. It’s a call to arms for the dreamers and the rebels, a reminder that no matter how dark the journey, there is always light to be found. This album is a must-listen for anyone into psych stoner rock!

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Released by ARGONAUTA Records on May 24, 2024
Music source for review – Grand Sounds PR

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