Witching Chronicles: Exploring the PANDER’s Break the Oath

Embrace the unyielding force of PANDER’s latest offering, “Break the Oath,” as this Frisian Netherlands trio unleashes an onslaught of heavy-laden dirt upon the stoner doom realm. A journey that began with their effective stoner metal debut demo “GO” in 2012 and matured into the weightier grooves of “Fierce Self” in 2015, has now culminated in a new power trio lineup, creating a seismic shift in their sonic landscape.

With “Break the Oath,” PANDER’s sound has taken a darker turn, weaving thickened and rude riffage into dense and doomy compositions. The album’s varied pace, oscillating between slow and fast tempos, creates an enthralling dynamic that encapsulates listeners in brooding tensions and psychedelic atmospheres.

While the music envelops you, PANDER’s lyrical exploration delves deep into the essence of existence and human behavior. With firm and critical notes, the band confronts our place in the vast universe and contemplates tangible topics like loss.

“Break the Oath” is a haunting and enigmatic journey, shrouded in obsidian darkness and embellished with haunting melodies. PANDER’s metamorphosis into a power trio has fortified their sonic prowess, immersing listeners in a soundscape that challenges perceptions and beckons the curious to explore the mysteries of the universe. In this profound and contemplative creation, PANDER solidifies their position as formidable trailblazers within the stoner doom domain.

Prepare to be engulfed in a wall of thickened and rude riffage that reverberates through your bones, as the dense, doomy songs of this stoner doom opus wash over you. The journey is a varied one, oscillating between slow and mesmerizing tempos, and more fast-paced, thunderous passages that leave you on the edge of your seat. Each track carries a brooding tension, immersing you in a sonic haze of gloomy and psychedelic atmospheres. It’s a mesmerizing and hypnotic experience, where the weighty rhythms and haunting melodies transport you to a realm of introspection and contemplation. The cosmic and mystical vibes intertwine, weaving a tapestry of dark emotions and ethereal energies. In this sonic odyssey, the boundaries of time and space blur, as the music takes you on a transcendental journey into the depths of your soul.

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Released by ARGONAUTA Records on May 26th, 2023
Music source for review – Grand Sounds PR

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