Witching Chronicles: Exploring The Powered Wig Machine’s SUPA​-​COLLIDER

In the sprawling expanse of the Southern Arizona desert, where the horizon blurs into a mirage of rock and dust, emerges “SUPA-COLLIDER,” the latest brainchild of Powered Wig Machine (PWM). Since their inception in 2006, PWM has been brewing a potent elixir of heavy, stoner-infused desert rock that feels like it was conjured up in a ritual under the scorching sun.

From the moment you press play, you’re thrust into an aural odyssey that channels the raw, untamed spirit of the desert. The album’s atmosphere is as dry and electric as the air before a summer thunderstorm, crackling with energy and potential.

The guitar riffs are like seismic waves, shaking the ground with their sheer force. They intertwine with bass lines that pulse like the heartbeat of some great, ancient beast lying dormant beneath the desert sands. The drums, oh the drums, they don’t just keep time – they summon it, marking the passage of each moment with a thunderous, primal cadence.

Vocals rise from this instrumental storm like a shaman’s chant, raw and evocative, telling tales spun from sci-fi dreams and comic book escapades. There’s a mythic quality to the lyrics that pulls you into a universe where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur, a universe that PWM navigates with both reckless abandon and calculated precision.

“SUPA-COLLIDER” is heavy yet melodic, grounding yet soaring. PWM manages to balance these elements with the finesse of a tightrope walker, crafting songs that are as catchy as they are crushing. This equilibrium is a testament to their evolution as artists.

Dubbed “heavy western rock n roll,” PWM’s sound on this album is like a showdown at high noon between classic rock, blues, and stoner rock. It’s a sound that feels like it’s been dug up from the dusty archives of rock history, polished, and then blasted into the future with all the force of a supernova.

It demands to be felt as much as heard, its vibrations coursing through your very being. For the uninitiated, this album is an invitation into the world of Powered Wig Machine – a world where the desert sings, the rock roars, and every track is a new adventure waiting to unfold.

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Released by Desert Records on March 6, 2014

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