Witching Chronicles: Exploring The UNCOMMON EVOLUTION’s Fry

UNCOMMON EVOLUTION returns with another album titled “Fry” in the intoxicated realm of stoner metal. The album is a journey into the universe of heavy, fuzzy riffs and hypnotizing beats.

Dynamic compositions are one of the strengths of Uncommon Evolution, as demonstrated through Stoner dynamics. “Funeral Samba” is one of the tracks that prove their skills in switching from peaceful moments to energetic bursts, creating an engaging pattern. The sonic duality is also highlighted by the grittier and more authoritative vocals that slice through the densely thickened musical mist, uttering songs that read much like mysterious messages from a parallel universe.

However, what makes “Fry” unique is the fact that this band challenges the standard limits of Stoner. The experimental feel adds life to the album, making it transcend normal Stoner metal while creating an aura of mystery around it.

“Fry” boasts very good musicianship and all the instruments complement the overall musical composition of the album. In this regard, the clash of thunderous bass lines, accurate drumming, and fuzzy guitar riffs constitutes an indomitable base. The production makes it even better as every note stands out as part of the “dirty” approach, which is fundamental in Stoner music.

Therefore, UNCOMMON EVOLUTION offers a unique blend of groovy riffing, inventive twists, and talented instrumentation, as more heavy, psychedelic music is being produced today.

Released by ARGONAUTA Records on December 16th, 2022
Music source for review – Grand Sounds PR

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