Witching Chronicles: Exploring TheHowling Giant’s Glass Future

In the realm where musical craftsmanship meets fantastical storytelling, Howling Giant emerges as a powerful force with their sophomore album, “Glass Future.” The Nashville-based trio, deeply rooted in the city’s rich musical history, continues their journey through cosmic soundscapes and thunderous riffs, showcasing a relentless evolution from their acclaimed debut, “The Space Between Worlds.”

From the opening notes, “Glass Future” invites listeners into a vividly imagined universe, each track acting as a standalone narrative while seamlessly contributing to a cohesive sonic tapestry. The band, known for their passion for fantasy and science fiction, weaves lyrical tales that demand visual accompaniment, almost beckoning for a graphic novel or book inspired by the explosive energy and acrobatic musicality within.

Musically, Howling Giant skillfully blends classic metal and hard rock with progressive, spacy passages, desert and psychedelic metal influences, and the subtle infusion of rock organs. The result is a dynamic fusion that captures the essence of their influences while carving out a unique niche in the vast landscape of heavy music. The soaring harmonized vocals add an ethereal layer, guiding the listener through the diverse sonic terrain.

Hailing from the legendary music hub of Nashville, Howling Giant embraces their roots amidst a city often associated with pop country. Yet, they stand as a testament to the diverse musical legacies that thrive in the shadows, combining elements from various genres with a fuzz-psych power trio approach that pays homage to their predecessors while forging ahead with a fresh and innovative sound.

“Glass Future” follows a series of well-received EPs and their debut album, maintaining the upward trajectory that has endeared them to a growing fanbase and critics alike. The addition of bassist Sebastian Baltes, son of ACCEPT’s former bass player Peter Baltes, further enriches the band’s sonic palette, marking a seamless integration into the creative process.

This album is a monumental leap forward for Howling Giant. “Glass Future” showcases their outstanding musicianship and the potency of a triple vocal attack that resonates with golden-throated prowess. As the listener, there’s nothing to do but buckle up, try to keep pace, and revel in the breathtaking sonic scenery along this thrilling musical journey.

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Released by Magnetic Eye Records on October 27, 2023

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