Witching Riffs: Behind the Sound of NAJING

Introduction: Due to time constraints as regular individuals running Witching Buzz and focusing primarily on writing reviews, we are limited to publishing only one (occasionally two) review(s) per day. However, we strongly believe in providing greater exposure to deserving bands and musicians who have put in immense effort. As a result, we have launched a new section called “Witching Riffs: Behind the Sound.” In this section, we have crafted a series of intriguing questions that we pose to every band or musician who wishes to share more about their unique projects. While the questions remain the same for each participant, the diversity among bands ensures that the answers will be fascinating and diverse. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this captivating journey as we delve into the minds and stories of these talented artists.

NAJING / Italy

What drew you to the immersive and hypnotic sounds? How do you aim to captivate your listeners with this genre?
We have always been drawn to immersive and hypnotic sounds both as listeners and musicians. We would like our listeners to be completely captivated by our pieces where in our opinion everyone is free to find different moods.

Can you share the story behind your band name? How does it reflect the essence of your music?
Our name comes from a mispronunciation of the name of the city of Nanjing, we simply removed a letter. We chose the name of this city after learning about the sad story that happened during the war against Japan. I think it can combine with the strong and tragic atmospheres that our debut album is full of.

What are some unconventional or unexpected influences that have shaped your unique blend?
Simply in our band everyone has brought and brings their own musical influences. And everyone lets themselves be contaminated, in our opinion it is the best method to propose art in general.

How do you approach creating expansive and atmospheric soundscapes? What techniques or methods do you employ to achieve that signature vibe?
There is not exactly a method or a particular moment in which we decide to create a particular sound. It’s all much more random than you might imagine (laughs).

Are there specific themes or emotions you seek to convey through your music? How do alternative music help you express those concepts effectively?
There are very specific moods that we try to communicate and often in our contemporary society art is one of the few ways to transmit something in a pure and unfiltered way. However, we prefer that the listener is not aware of this and, as we said before, everyone can find their own personal meaning in our songs.

Share a remarkable moment or incident from your journey as a band that exemplifies the spirit of your music.
There’s not a peculiar moment so far, we hope to write beautiful memories in the near future though. But still we can remember the first time we heard the master of our debut album and we knew we had done something really remarkable.

In what ways do you envision your music progressing or evolving in the future? Are there any new elements or experimental approaches you’d like to incorporate?
Our background as individuals being so diverse, it almost comes natural for us developing our sound and evolving towards different directions. Right now we’re working on new material and it definitely sounds different but still utterly “us”, moving towards harsher places and also some progressive/meditative moments.

Is there a particular song in your discography that perfectly encapsulates the essence of your music? Please elaborate on its creation and significance.
All of our songs means a lot to us, taken all the work, patience and sweat we put on every note we deliver. Maybe a song like Violet can describe our band well in all its entity. Violet was born in our rehearsal place, session after session, week after week, with us putting a lot of ourselves into every single second. It’s also a song we love to play live and that we also love to end our shows with. In fact, a perfect example of the different souls of our band.

Are there any emerging or lesser-known artists within your music genre realm that you find inspiring or deserving of more recognition? Feel free to share their names and what you appreciate about their work.
We would like to acknowledge a few bands of our own region that we also had the pleasure and privilege to share the stage with. First, our brothers from the mighty Lord Elephant, stoner wizards from the astral plane, blessing our ears with their cosmic acid doom. Then Tomorr and their beautiful Balkan inspired heavy doom. Last but not least, the great Svlfvr, harbringers of blackned occult doom and all things dark and obscure.

What do you hope listeners experience or feel when they immerse themselves in your compositions? Is there a specific mood or sensation you aim to evoke?
Like the name of the band should suggest, our music is a reminder of all things obnoxious and disturbing mankind is capable of. We do not want to give explanation about the world we live in nor we want to give any suggestions – our music is just a memento of everyday ruin and that’s what we would like people who listen to us experience

Turbo Regime:
– Fuzz or distortion? – Mmmmm some tricky ones here, let’s try… – distortion over fuzz cos we love the taste of roaring valves.
– Analog or digital effects? – mmmm can’t take a part, some effects are better digital, others have a better taste as analog.
– Sabbath or Zeppelin? – Sabbath but that’s like choosing over your favorite child.
– Heavy riff or mind-bending solo? – heavy riffage over wanking all along the fretboard ALWAYS.
– Vintage gear or modern equipment? – right now we would choose modern over vintage, way more choise and defenetely more affordable.

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You can order Najing HERE.
Label: ARGONAUTA Records
Promo: Grand Sounds PR

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