Witching Chronicles: Exploring the El Supremo’s Acid Universe

In the boundless expanse of the musical cosmos, where genres collide and constellations of sound form, there exists a celestial body named EL SUPREMO. With their latest opus, “Acid Universe,” this instrumental rock band from the unexpected musical haven of Fargo, ND, conjures an otherworldly journey that transcends the mundane and hurtles listeners through a sonic wormhole.

Imagine standing at the edge of a nebula, gazing into the abyss as EL SUPREMO’s cosmic symphony begins. “Acid Universe” doesn’t just invite you to listen; it invites you to experience. The band’s alchemical fusion of psychedelic melodies, seismic heaviness, and intricate melodic tapestries paints an astral canvas of auditory wonder.

Guided by the nimble hands of Chad Heille on drums and bass, the pulsating rhythms form the very heartbeat of this sonic cosmos. Neal Stein’s guitar mastery weaves stardust trails of emotion, navigating effortlessly between classic rock’s fervor and stoner rock’s introspection. But it’s Chris Gould’s organ and keys that summon nebulous mists, casting an ethereal aura over the entire sonic panorama.

EL SUPREMO’s influences are as diverse as the spectrum of light, drawing from the annals of classic rock, stoner rock’s smoky haze, the blues’ soulful depths, and the primal energies of old-school metal. These elements coalesce and explode in a celestial supernova of sound. The result is an album that’s both familiar and groundbreaking, like discovering a new galaxy while recognizing constellations from home.

“Acid Universe” embarks on a cosmic odyssey, traversing the sonic dimensions. From the mind-bending swirls of the opening track to the deep-space melancholy of the middle passages, and finally, to the cataclysmic riffs that close the album, EL SUPREMO leaves no musical stone unturned. The compositions are at once structured and free-flowing, much like the ebb and flow of a meteor shower.

The genesis of EL SUPREMO’s journey harkens back to its humble origins, where Chad Heille single-handedly breathed life into the project. Now, a constellation of talents forms the band’s essence, including the arrival of Cameron Dewald on bass, solidifying the lineup. With each member as a star in their own right, the collaborative energy shines brilliantly.

It’s worth noting the band’s affiliation with Argonauta Records, an Italian label known for their affinity for the arcane and the uncharted. The symbiotic relationship between EL SUPREMO and Argonauta is a match made amidst the cosmic debris, promising a musical saga that spans galaxies.

As the band so eloquently puts it, “The last year was a bit of a trial, but we are primed and ready to deliver our best record yet.” With “Acid Universe,” EL SUPREMO delivers not just their best, but a masterpiece that propels them into the echelons of space rock royalty. This album is more than music; it’s an interstellar revelation, a voyage through sound that ignites the imagination and ignites the soul. Brace yourselves, for “Acid Universe” is a wormhole to sonic transcendence.

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Released by ARGONAUTA Records on February 24, 2023
Music source for review – Grand Sounds PR

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