Witching Chronicles: Exploring the KIND’s Close Encounters

Prepare to embark on a cosmic journey of auditory exploration as Boston’s stoner/psych/doom alchemists, KIND, unveil their third full-length opus, “Close Encounters.” With each successive release, KIND has not only solidified their position as a formidable supergroup but also demonstrated an uncanny ability to push the boundaries of their sound while staying rooted in their signature sonic terrain. And now, with “Close Encounters,” they ascend to new heights, casting a spell that lures listeners into an entrancing labyrinth of musical marvels.

From the very first note, it’s clear that KIND’s command over their craft has only deepened. “Close Encounters” is a seamless fusion of stoner vibes, doom-laden atmosphere, and psych-infused nuances, all meticulously woven into a tapestry of sound that defies easy categorization. The quartet, comprised of experienced luminaries including Matt Couto (ex-Elder), Tom Corino (ex-Rozamov), Craig Riggs (Roadsaw), and Darryl Shepard (ex-Black Pyramid), harnesses their collective prowess to sculpt an auditory experience that feels simultaneously nostalgic and refreshingly innovative.

Seven new songs unfurl across the album’s expanse, each capturing a distinct facet of KIND’s multifaceted sonic vision. While they stay true to their roots, “Close Encounters” finds the band stretching their creative sinews, exploring uncharted realms of musicality. The effortless interplay between the instruments forms a mesmerizing amalgamation, a testament to the profound connection these musicians share. It’s not just a collection of songs, but a symbiotic conversation between the strings and the drums, the vocals and the atmosphere.

The album is a sonorous universe of its own, where textures morph and evolve like cosmic entities navigating the astral plane. The vocals, imbued with a raw and potent energy, guide the listener through this ethereal voyage. Craig Riggs’ delivery exudes a commanding presence, effortlessly shifting between hauntingly melodic refrains and thunderous roars, further elevating the emotional depth of the compositions.

It’s an auditory odyssey. It’s as if KIND has channeled the very essence of the universe’s primordial forces, distilled them through their creative crucible, and poured forth a wall of sound that reverberates with a rare intensity. Each song encapsulates a unique emotional narrative, weaving tales of cosmic encounters and introspective wanderings.

In an era where musical innovation can sometimes be fleeting, KIND’s “Close Encounters” stands as a monolith of sonic invention. It’s an album that beckons the listener to peel back its layers with each subsequent listen, revealing hidden depths and subtleties that entwine the soul. With this release, KIND not only reinforces their status as trailblazers but also carves their name indelibly into the annals of musical history.

“Close Encounters” is an invitation to traverse the expanses of sound and emotion, a call to venture beyond the confines of the ordinary. With this album, KIND cements their legacy as pioneers of sonic exploration, and in doing so, they offer us a glimpse of the boundless possibilities that await within the realms of music yet to be discovered.

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Released by Ripple Music on August 11, 2023

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