Witching Chronicles: Exploring the Ruby the Hatchet’s Fear Is a Cruel Master

RUBY THE HATCHET’s latest offering, “Fear Is a Cruel Master,” is a mesmerizing musical journey that flawlessly blends unique atmospheres with infectious melodies, showcasing the band’s evolution as trailblazers in the American psych-rock scene. After a five-year hiatus since their acclaimed predecessor “Planetary Space Child,” the band returns with an album that exceeds expectations and surpasses their own creative boundaries.

The album’s title itself, “Fear Is a Cruel Master,” encapsulates the mood of its creation during the lockdown period. Forced to spend more time apart, the band members confronted the fear and uncertainty that gripped the music community during those challenging times. Singer Jillian Taylor’s sultry, honey-smoked vocals breathe life into lyrics reflecting self-reflection, resilience, and the strength to push forward despite adversity.

Recorded at New Future in Jersey with the masterful guidance of Paul Ritchie from THE PARLOR MOB, “Fear Is a Cruel Master” adopts a unique approach to its creation. The band deliberately left room for spontaneity and magical moments, resulting in a raw and organic sound that captures the essence of their performances. The album’s atmosphere emanates a timelessness that transcends the pandemic’s context, making it a powerful testament to the band’s growth and musical prowess.

The collective’s chemistry shines throughout the album, with Johnny Scarps’ lush and crisp guitar work complementing the captivating spirit of rock ‘n roll organ heroics brought to life by Sean Hur. Meanwhile, Lake Muir’s entrancing basslines and Owen Stewart’s rhythmic drumming form a solid foundation, perfectly blending with Taylor’s vocals and elevating the band’s signature sound to new heights.

“Fear Is a Cruel Master” is the result of a decade-long journey as a band, reflecting on past experiences without a hint of regret. It is an album that delivers brain-frying, catchy tunes that pulse with raw energy, showcasing RUBY THE HATCHET’s mastery of their craft. From start to finish, the album mesmerizes listeners with its captivating melodies, evocative lyrics, and the unwavering spirit that drives the band to explore new sonic territories.

In conclusion, RUBY THE HATCHET’s “Fear Is a Cruel Master” is a captivating and timeless masterpiece that bears witness to the band’s growth and resilience. With their signature blend of unique atmospheres and raw energy, this album will undoubtedly be celebrated not only among their peers but by music enthusiasts around the globe. As they embark on new musical endeavors, the band’s legacy is sure to leave an indelible mark on the psych-rock landscape for years to come.

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Released by Magnetic Eye Records on October 21, 2022

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