Witching Chronicles: Exploring the Abrams’ In The Dark

Emerging from Denver, Colorado, Abrams, a musical entity born in 2013, embarked on a mission to blend melodic allure with daring dissonance. The creative partnership of guitarist/vocalist Zach Amster and bassist/vocalist Taylor Iversen gave birth to a sonic exploration that has now evolved into their latest creation – “In The Dark.”

Enriched by the rhythmic foundation provided by drummer Ryan DeWitt and the skilled contributions of Patrick Alberts, formerly of Call of The Void, Abrams has transmuted into a four-piece powerhouse. Over their journey, which includes an EP and three studio albums, the band has evolved and matured, with each release echoing their artistic progression.

“In The Dark” was a labor of passion, persevering through the challenges of the pandemic. With live performances put on hold, Abrams channeled their energy into the creation of more than 25 demos, a process that bore witness to guitarist Zach Amster’s foray into home recording. The outcome is an album that shimmers with refinement while maintaining an undiluted fervor.

Guided by the expertise of Dave Otero, known for his collaborations with renowned bands such as Khemmis and Cattle Decapitation, “In The Dark” emerged as a meticulously crafted 45-minute voyage. This auditory odyssey delves into the turbulent depths of emotions ranging from anger and fear to frustration and joy – an intricate mirror of the world’s intricate tapestry.

The essence of “In The Dark” resides in its ability to weave together cinematic guitar riffs and contemplative leads, all enveloped in a cloak of captivating vocal hooks. Abrams captures a sense of seasoned artistry, conjuring a unique blend that pays homage to the 90s alternative sound, while simultaneously embracing the weightiness of modern heavyweights like Mastodon. Hints of influences like AmRep’s edginess and All Them Witches’ psychedelic reverberations add to the album’s distinctive allure.

For enthusiasts of Mastodon’s might, Queens of the Stone Age’s allure, and the mystique of All Them Witches, “In The Dark” offers an invitation to plunge into an immersive auditory world. Released via Small Stone Records in September 2022, this album holds the promise of a captivating journey into the uncharted realms of moody psychedelia.

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Released by Small Stone Records on September 9, 2022

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