Witching Chronicles: Exploring the High Priest’s Invocation

Brothers and sisters, prepare to be immersed in a divine celebration of heavy metal as we gather at the altar of High Priest’s debut album, “Invocation.” Hailing from the sanctum of Chicago, Illinois, these messengers of hope and doom have crafted a musical opus that resonates with the spirits of the genre’s legends.

From the moment the first notes strike, High Priest embraces the prophetic teachings of the elders. Their harmonies and melodies bear the unmistakable mark of Thin Lizzy, captivating the listener with their infectious catchiness. Yet, within this triumphant offering lies a shadowy heaviness, reminiscent of the dark foretelling by Black Sabbath and revitalized by the likes of Electric Wizard.

Diving deeper into the depths of their musical arsenal, High Priest channels the classic riffs of Metallica, infusing a touch of nostalgia into their sonic scriptures. The echoes of grunge legends Alice in Chains reverberate through their emotive force, a testament received through fervent prayers. It is through this amalgamation of influences that High Priest carves their unique path, delivering blues-laden guitar riffs and soulful vocals, creating a new gospel of metal.

United by a shared history of playing together in various bands and line-ups since their youth, High Priest emerged with a crystal-clear vision. The revelation struck them like lightning during an Electric Wizard show in 2015, where they were instantaneously consumed by the desire to dedicate themselves to doom and old school metal. Their first public proclamation, the 2016 EP “Consecration,” garnered significant attention within the doom and stoner metal scene, ultimately leading to a record deal with Magnetic Eye. The release of their second EP, “Sanctum,” in 2019 further solidified their rising status.

Now, at long last, the moment of rejoicing has arrived. High Priest fulfills our anticipation with their debut full-length offering, “Invocation.” True to the promises made by their earlier EPs, this album transcends expectations and ascends listeners to celestial heights on a chariot forged from fiery riffs.

With “Invocation,” High Priest unites the faithful, igniting a fervor that resonates with both purists and disciples of the genre. Each track is an enchanting invocation, summoning the primal forces of heavy metal while infusing it with their own distinctive essence. From the thunderous rhythms to the ethereal solos, High Priest exudes a profound musical mastery, captivating listeners and ensnaring them in their mystical aura.

Prepare to be elevated, for “Invocation” is an homage to the sacred past of heavy metal, revitalized for the present era. High Priest has channeled their collective energy and fervor into this album, crafting a holy testament that will leave an indelible mark in the metal history.

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Released by Magnetic Eye Records on June 23, 2023
Music source for review – Bandcamp

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