Witching Chronicles: Exploring The Slowtorch’s Serpente

Slowtorch’s debut album “Serpente,” originally self-released in 2014 and now celebrating its tenth anniversary with a vinyl edition, is a testament to the enduring power of ’70s rock, metal, and blues. In an era where music often feels overproduced and trend-driven, Slowtorch offers a refreshing throwback to the raw, unpolished sounds of rock’s golden age.

From the moment the needle drops, “Serpente” immerses listeners in a world where heavy riffs, gritty vocals, and thunderous drums reign supreme. The album opens with a burst of energy that never lets up, showcasing a no-frills, no-bullshit approach to music that is both invigorating and nostalgic.

The influence of rock legends like Dio and Ozzy Osbourne is unmistakable, with soaring vocals and dark, mystical lyrics that transport you back to the heyday of classic metal. Tracks like “The Uprising” and “Piledriver” echo the powerful, anthemic quality of these icons, while maintaining a unique edge that is distinctly Slowtorch.

For fans of the stoner rock scene, the album’s thick, fuzzy guitar tones and hypnotic rhythms will feel like a homecoming. The spirit of Kyuss and the Desert Sessions permeates every track, particularly in the sprawling, groove-laden jams that define the album’s second half. The song “Mountain Fury” stands out with its sun-baked riffs and trance-inducing beat, evoking endless highways and expansive landscapes.

“Serpente” is adorned with the fuzzy jewels of rock’s past, yet it never feels derivative. Instead, it’s a celebration of the sounds that shaped rock, metal, and blues, delivered with a contemporary flair that keeps it fresh and exciting. Fans of Clutch will appreciate the straightforward, hard-hitting approach, while those drawn to the psychedelic elements of stoner rock will find plenty to love in the album’s layered textures and expansive soundscapes.

In an age of fleeting musical trends, Slowtorch’s “Serpente” stands as a solid reminder of the power and longevity of rock’s raw, unfiltered essence. This anniversary vinyl release is not just a trip down memory lane, but a powerful statement of rock’s enduring spirit. If you’re a fan of the timeless sounds of Dio, Ozzy, Kyuss, or the gritty allure of the Desert Sessions, “Serpente” is an album that demands a spot in your collection.

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Released by Electric Valley Records on April 19, 2024

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