Witching Chronicles: Exploring The Robots Of The Ancient World’s 3737

Robots of the Ancient World’s latest creation, “3737,” is a non-stop rock ‘n’ roll ride that goes beyond just music to explore human toughness and salvation. It even reaches deeper into the occult world of significance invested in numbers. It’s obvious that both musically and spiritually, a lot has happened to the band since its last release on many levels.

Running precisely 37 minutes and 37 seconds, the album’s title is more than just a dangle on a historical date; it also serves as a keystone into their psyche – a sort of door to enter through. Based on the magical powers of number repetition, music that comes from repeating certain numbers over and over is meant to offer a serious message – “magic and manifestation are knocking at your door.” The audience you’re listening to now is right outside your own brain.

Between the pandemic, personal loss, months of grief, and serious depression, Robots of the Ancient World have transformed all their angst into ‘3737.’ The outcome is a musical cloth featuring blocky riffs with king-sized echo effects, absolutely monarchical vocals (flanked by retinues), a neatly woven rhythmic basis that never lets go.

Unwilling to dialogue politely, the first track kicks off violently. Caleb adds a scream that comes through extremely powerful in its anger-filled commanding voice over heavy riffs, which prick up one’s attention at once. The guitar work powerfully lifts itself from the depths of hell, has enough energy to set off an atomic explosion. The drumming, with its sense of exactitude and force, drives the music on a powerful foundation. Groovy bass lines provide an extra layer or two to make it infinitely interesting for others to listen to us play.

One of the key attractions about “3737” is that it’s not entirely clear what one would want to call its genre. It blends all manner of rock and roll, making something new from familiar sounds. Just as the album was born out of emotional turbulence, so too are tracks ebb and flow. Listeners enjoy a ride taking them on an intense roller coaster from beginning to end.

Likewise, as the album develops, moments of sonic catharsis are offered up to the listener. Each track shows a different aspect of the band’s musical power at work. From the explosive choruses to its sublime instrumental sections, “3737” is an audio rainbow so detailed that it will encourage returns.

In reality, “3737” was designed to be much more than an album – Robots of the Ancient World intended it as a sonic offering, uprooted and reborn. It is both resilience in sound and redemption from adversity through music; not least its own tale of hard knocks, which has brought us back into business thanks to your welcome response. “3737” establishes itself as an answer. A response taking the shape of a heavy riffing swagger, powerful vocals, and precisely tuned sonic landscape, capable of both capturing themselves in their own torment and extending strength to those who listen. In a chaotic world, “37.37” serves as a shining light and proof that the power of music to mend broken hearts lies in our hands alone.

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Released by Kozmik Artifactz and Small Stone Recordings on November 17th, 2023

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