Witching Chronicles: Exploring The WITCHSNAKE’s Deathcult of the Snake

Embark on a sonic odyssey through the smoke-filled realms of mysticism with WITCHSNAKE’s latest masterpiece, “Deathcult of the Snake.” This musical journey invites you into a shadowy ritual, where the intoxicating blend of stoner doom and occult allure creates an atmosphere that is both menacing and mesmerizing.

Right from the opening notes of “Outlaw,” the album immerses you in a foreboding atmosphere, as if you’re entering a cryptic ceremony guided by the slow, deliberate movements of a serpent. The dense, sludgy guitar riffs envelop you, creating a tangible weightiness that seems to wrap around the listener in an otherworldly embrace.

WITCHSNAKE skillfully navigates dynamic shifts throughout the album, effortlessly transitioning between moments of crushing heaviness and ethereal, trance-inducing passages. “The Iron Cross Burns,” for instance, showcases the band’s ability to conjure a hypnotic groove, where the rhythm section provides an unyielding foundation for the lead guitar to soar into the abyss, evoking a sense of ritualistic ecstasy.

The vocal delivery, a haunting fusion of clean and guttural tones, adds an extra layer of complexity to the sonic journey. Infused with occult imagery, the lyrics weave tales of forbidden ceremonies and arcane rituals, intensifying the overall sense of mysticism. Chanted vocals and eerie whispers create an atmosphere that feels both ceremonial and ominous, beckoning the listener to partake in the forbidden knowledge of the Deathcult of the Snake.

As the album unfolds, it becomes clear that WITCHSNAKE has transcended the confines of traditional stoner doom. Tracks like “Black Star” introduce a cosmic atmosphere, adding a celestial touch to the earthy heaviness. The vintage feel of the production, with its raw and analog warmth, contributes to the sensation that this music has been unearthed from a buried temple of sound.

“Deathcult of the Snake” is a ceremonial experience, an invitation to explore the obscure and embrace the esoteric. WITCHSNAKE’s mastery over the stoner doom genre is palpable, and this album serves as a testament to their ability to craft an immersive sonic journey that leaves the listener entranced and spellbound. Step into the shadows, for the serpent’s cult awaits your presence.

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Released by Helter Skelter Productions on December 15th, 2023

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