Witching Chronicles: Exploring The FALLING GIANTS’ Whirlwind Hymns

Just had a spin with “Whirlwind Hymns” by FALLING GIANTS, and it’s like a thunderstorm of heavy goodness.

This album is like the lovechild of sludge and stoner metal. Picture a swampy, head-nodding riff, and add in some cosmic vibes. That’s the ticket.

The guitars steal the show. Riffs hit hard, and just when you think you’ve got it figured out, bam! A solo takes you on a wild ride. It’s like a hurricane but in musical form.

Drums and bass are the powerhouse duo. Drums pound like a thunderstorm, and the bass is this low-end anchor keeping you grounded. Unsung heroes making sure the whole ship doesn’t fly off into space.

Vocals are in a good way. From bone-shaking growls to high-flying, almost mystical tones. It’s like the singer’s guide through a psychedelic labyrinth. Lyrics feel like ancient chants, adding a layer of mystique.

Major props to the drummer – they’re the engine propelling this sonic beast. Relentless beats, face-melting fills – it’s the kind of drumming that makes you wanna air-drum like a maniac.

The bass is laying down a groove, making everything funkier. Sneaky, but you’d notice if it was missing.

Favorite Tracks:
“An Enveloped Prophecy”: Sets the stage with a massive riff. You know you’re in for a wild ride from the get-go.

“The Wind Shifts”: Takes you on a smoky journey through some cosmic realm. It’s like the soundtrack to an interstellar road trip.

“Fall Meditation”: Slows things down right after a merciless beat. The vocals are haunting, and it’s a breather in the middle of the metal hurricane.

To sum it up, “Whirlwind Hymns” by FALLING GIANTS is a trip worth taking. If you dig stoner sludge metal with the touches of some other metal genres, this album’s your golden ticket. The band’s cooked up something special, and I’m already buzzing for the next sonic adventure.

Album (self)-release date: September 30th, 2023
Promotion: Grand Sounds PR

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