Witching Chronicles: Exploring the New Mexican Doom Cult’s Necropolis

In the desolate and windswept outskirts of Gävle, Sweden, a musical phenomenon has emerged like a titanic glacier carving its path through the frozen tundra. New Mexican Doom Cult, hailing from this harsh and unforgiving landscape, offers a mesmerizing and chilling opus titled “Necropolis.” With a sound forged in the crucible of the far north’s merciless winds, this band has given birth to a genre they aptly call “Långsamrock,” and their latest offering is nothing short of an epic.

“Necropolis” opens like an ancient tome being pried open, revealing secrets long buried in the ice. The first notes are a wall of sound, a blizzard of fuzz that envelops the listener, a fitting tribute to the inhospitable environment from which the band hails. The opening track, “Architect,” is an invocation, a call to arms that beckons you to embark on a journey into the unknown.

The defining feature of New Mexican Doom Cult’s “Necropolis” is its ability to meld the harsh beauty of their homeland with the heavy, stoner, and doom elements of their music. Tracks like “Underground” and “Seven Spirits” are sonic landscapes that echo the stark, wintry vistas of Gävle, suffused with an eerie, otherworldly quality that pulls you deeper into their frigid abyss.

The musicianship displayed on this album is nothing short of extraordinary. The intertwining guitar work conjures images of snow-capped peaks and endless tundras, while the rhythm section anchors the listener in the frozen soil of the north. The vocals, shrouded in reverb and frost, add a layer of mystique and haunting beauty to the music.

Every note, every crushing riff, is captured with meticulous detail, enhancing the overall experience and making it feel like you’re standing at the edge of the Baltic Sea, staring into its icy depths.

As “Necropolis” unfolds, it becomes apparent that New Mexican Doom Cult is not merely creating music; they are channeling the very essence of their homeland and transmuting it into sonic art. The album’s final offering, “Archangel,” is a monumental climax, an avalanche of sound that leaves you both awe-struck and humbled.

In conclusion, “Necropolis” by New Mexican Doom Cult is a masterwork born of the unforgiving north. It’s an album that defies categorization, pushing the boundaries of what heavy music can achieve. With its haunting atmospheres, bone-crushing heaviness, and a connection to their homeland that runs as deep as the Baltic Sea, “Necropolis” is a journey that must be experienced in its entirety. Join the cult and brace yourself for a frigid epic that will chill your soul to the core.

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Released by Olde Magick Records on March 22, 2023

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