Witching Chronicles: Exploring Sonny Vincent’s Primitive 1969​-​1976

An iconic figure in the history of NYC punk, Sonny Vincent, reveals his treasury consisting of his earliest songs created between 1969 and 1976. The record provides insight into the primitive metal lands where young Sonny Vincent was born and educated.

The visceral aura of “Primitive 1969–1976” is a musical experience, replicating the body of proto-metal. Every song here takes you back to New York’s raw early days as the protopunk genre was born – the fiery riffs of DISTANCE, the powerful beat of FURY, and the captivating composition of the LIQUID DIAMONDS.

Vincent’s skill with his guitar is like nothing else, paving the way for the development of punk and proto-metal genres. Sonic landscapes made up of twisted guitars, hard-beating drums, and Vincent’s voice that reflects a primal, rebellious nature. This music combines different influences, mimicking pro-metal and proto-doom styles with allusions to Bang, Poobah, Buffalo, and the legendary JPT Scare Band.

“Primitive 1969-1976” is a relic of Vincent’s timeless music direction. Apart from restoring lost jewels, it also serves to solidify Vincent’s role as the father of punk and proto-metal. This may be the album to listen to for fans of grunge and metal. It offers unique insight into the dark side of music that is now familiar in heavy metal. “Primitive 1969-1976” is a rugged, unrefined declaration of the birth of a rock and roll legacy.

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Released by Ripple Music on December 8, 2023

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