Witching Chronicles: Exploring The PIA ISA’s Dissolve

Dissolve is the latest album from Norwegian artist Pia Isa, known for her role in Superlynx, released on June 28th (today) via Argonauta Records.

From the very first chords, Dissolve pulls you into its immersive world. The album is built on slow, heavy drones that create a powerful yet calming atmosphere. Pia’s use of distorted guitars and haunting vocals forms the core of this experience, capturing the essence of falling apart and piecing oneself back together.

A highlight of this album is Pia’s inclusion of her old, dark-sounding nylon acoustic guitar. Its melancholic tones add a unique texture that contrasts beautifully with the heavier, distorted riffs. This balance between light and dark, heavy and soft, is one of the album’s defining features. Pia’s ethereal yet grounded vocals float above the instrumentation, delivering lyrics that speak to both personal and broader existential themes.

Gary Arce’s guitar work on several tracks adds an extra layer of depth and richness. Known for his atmospheric style, Arce’s contributions blend seamlessly with Pia’s vision, creating a lush, expansive sound. Ole Teigen’s drumming provides a solid foundation, driving the music forward while allowing space for the other elements to shine.

The title track, “Dissolve,” perfectly captures the album’s essence. It conveys the feeling of breaking apart and the hopeful process of reassembling in new and better ways. The heavy, somber tones are infused with a sense of optimism, reflecting Pia’s intent to balance despair with hope. This track, like the rest of the album, invites listeners to embrace change and find strength in transformation.

Pia Isa’s solo journey, which began with her debut album Distorted Chants, has always been about deep exploration and evolution. With Dissolve, she delves even further into themes of uncertainty and change, using her music to navigate and express these complex emotions. The result is an album that feels both deeply intimate and widely relatable.

Produced with care by Pia and Ole Teigen at Crowtown Recordings, Dissolve boasts high production quality that enhances its immersive nature. Each element – vocals, guitars, drums – is perfectly balanced, creating a cohesive and compelling sound.

In Dissolve, Pia Isa has crafted an album that blends psychedelic rock and drone into a deeply emotional and sonically rich experience. It’s a journey that invites listeners to not only hear but feel the music. For fans of these genres, Dissolve is a must-listen, offering a beautifully complex and hauntingly hopeful exploration of change and renewal.

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Released by ARGONAUTA Records on June 28th, 2024
Music source for review – Grand Sounds PR

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