Witching Chronicles: Exploring The we broke the weather’s Restart Game

Boston’s we broke the weather are back with their second album, Restart Game, an adventurous dive into progressive stoner rock. Two years after their self-titled debut, the band continues to surprise and captivate with their unique blend of sounds.

Restart Game is like an endless musical odyssey, combining the intricate complexity of progressive rock, the heavy grooves of stoner rock, and the expansive, improvisational spirit of jazz fusion. This genre mix, celebrated for its technical prowess and heavy, spacey vibes, is perfectly captured in we broke the weather’s latest creation.

The band features Nick Cusworth and Scott Wood, multi-instrumentalists who share vocal duties while playing sax, keys, synths, and guitars. Their dynamic interplay is bolstered by Andrew Clark’s versatile drumming and vocals, Kevin DiTroia’s memorable guitar riffs, and Steve Muscari’s skillful handling of bass, guitar, and synths. Together, they craft a sound that’s both intricate and immersive.

Restart Game shines in its ability to blend complex, math-rock inspired rhythms with the deep, fuzzy riffs that define stoner rock. The result is an album that’s both intellectually engaging and emotionally powerful. From the intricate melodies and shifting rhythms to the soaring guitar solos and lush synth landscapes, every track showcases the band’s impressive musical range and creativity. Each song is filled with unexpected twists and turns.

In Restart Game, we broke the weather have created something truly special. It’s an album that invites listeners to lose themselves in its rich textures and complex structures while also connecting on a deeply emotional level.

So, if you’re ready for a musical adventure that challenges and rewards in equal measure, Restart Game is the perfect album to dive into. Join we broke the weather on this exhilarating journey – you won’t be disappointed.

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Released by ARGONAUTA Records on June 14th, 2024
Music source for review – Grand Sounds PR

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