Witching Chronicles: Exploring The Rocky’s pride & Joy’s All The Colours Of Darkness

Rocky’s Pride & Joy found its genesis amidst inexplicable phenomena and ghostly apparitions. The chilling atmosphere and spectral whispers seemed to seep into every note, every lyric of their debut album, ‘All The Colours Of Darkness.’ This spectral origin story seizes the listener’s imagination, setting the stage for an audacious sonic journey that melds the supernatural with raw, unfiltered musical prowess.

The trio, composed of vocalist/guitarist Brenton Wilson, drummer Jessi Tilbrook, and bassist Dominic Ventra, forged their unbreakable bond amidst the spectral unease of their haunted dwelling. Their shared love for doom and fuzz became the catalyst for a musical exploration that defies conventional boundaries. It all began in 2020, a year haunted by unexplained phenomena, where the band birthed their first creations, including the haunting tracks “Crawl” and “Time’s Up.”

Fast forward to 2023, and Rocky’s Pride & Joy have not just survived the ghostly onslaught but have harnessed its energy to craft a musical odyssey that defies the ordinary. ‘All The Colours Of Darkness,’ their debut album, is a testament to their resilience and creative prowess.

Recorded in the mystical confines of Adelaide’s Twin Earth Studio, this 8-track LP delves deep into the shadows of existence. Themes of occult rituals, parasites, paranormal encounters, and cold-blooded revenge are intricately woven into the fabric of the album. Each track is a sonic séance, invoking spirits of doom with every nasty fuzz-laden riff, every thunderous drumbeat, and every window-rattling bass note.

The album is a rollercoaster ride through the macabre, a sonic tapestry that paints vivid pictures of supernatural realms and ghostly retribution. ‘All The Colours Of Darkness’ is a haunting experience, an auditory séance that beckons listeners into the band’s realm of darkness.

What sets Rocky’s Pride & Joy apart is not just their mastery of doom but their ability to channel the spectral energy that birthed their creation. There’s a raw, untamed quality to their music that captures the essence of their haunted origin story. Vocalist Brenton Wilson’s voice, both powerful and haunting, weaves tales of the otherworldly, while Tilbrook’s drumming and Ventra’s basslines form the backbone of this musical phantasmagoria.

‘All The Colours Of Darkness’ is an exploration of the unknown, a sonic ritual that transcends the boundaries of conventional music. Rocky’s Pride & Joy have conjured a musical séance that immerses the listener in a world where darkness and melody coalesce into something truly extraordinary.

In an industry often plagued by predictability, ‘All The Colours Of Darkness’ emerges as a beacon of originality, a testament to the band’s unique vision and unwavering commitment to their craft. With this album, Rocky’s Pride & Joy have not only embraced the supernatural forces that birthed them but have also carved their indelible mark on the annals of doom. This is a spectral masterpiece, a magnum opus of darkness and musical innovation. Prepare to be haunted, enthralled, and utterly captivated. Rocky’s Pride & Joy have arrived, and their debut album is nothing short of a supernatural revelation.

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Released by Electric Valley Records on September 29, 2023

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