Witching Chronicles: Exploring the Burn the Ocean’s Modern Ruins

“Modern Ruins,” the latest offering from Italian rock band Burn The Ocean, serves as a captivating bridge between contemporary rock and the nostalgic grunge and alternative rock sounds of the 90s. Led by the creative forces of Fabio Palombi and Emanuele “Shuster” Pecollo, the band brings together their diverse musical backgrounds to create a unique and compelling sonic experience.

With their origins rooted in the disbandment of two prominent Genoese local acts, Nerve and 2Novembre, Burn The Ocean emerged as a musical journey that aimed to fuse the best elements of both worlds. Supported by a solid rhythm section inherited from 2Novembre, the band’s love for 90s rock became the common ground on which their sound was built. Their debut album, “Come Clean,” released in 2015, showcased their ability to craft melodic and powerful rock compositions.

“Modern Ruins” showcases Burn The Ocean’s modern, fresh, and heavy yet intimate sound. The album effortlessly navigates between radio-ready songs and more gritty, classic rock-infused tracks. One of the band’s trademarks is the fusion of two distinct and recognizable vocal personalities. This unique dynamic adds depth and character to their music.

Drawing from many years of experience on stage and in the studio, Burn The Ocean exhibits a seasoned approach to songwriting and production. The band benefits from the expertise of a professional designer/illustrator and a skilled music producer, enhancing their artistic vision and sonic quality.

Thematically, “Modern Ruins” explores the psychological consequences of navigating modern society, delving into themes of sadness and resignation. Burn The Ocean aims to provide a soundtrack that reflects the realities of everyday life, contrasting the carefully curated personas often portrayed on social media.

From start to finish, “Modern Ruins” is a testament to the band’s dedication to their craft and their ability to create a collection of carefully crafted singles. Each track on the album showcases meticulous attention to detail in the arrangements, making it challenging to select standout singles for promotion.

With “Modern Ruins,” Burn The Ocean delivers a solid rock album that resonates with both contemporary and nostalgic rock enthusiasts. The album’s powerful sound, thoughtful lyrics, and genuine emotional depth make it an engaging and immersive musical experience. Burn The Ocean’s ability to blend various rock influences while maintaining their own distinct identity marks them as a band ready to take on future challenges in the rock landscape.

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Released by ARGONAUTA Records on February 24, 2023

Music source for review – Grand Sounds PR

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