Witching Chronicles: Exploring The Pentagram’s debut album

Close your eyes and transport yourself to the musical landscape of 1985 as Pentagram unveils their debut album – a genuine gem from the foundational days of doom metal.

From the thunderous onset of “Relentless” to the enigmatic notes of “Sign of the Wolf (Pentagram)” and the robust resonance of “Death Row,” each track is a brushstroke in a canvas where guitars carry the weight of anvils, and Bobby Liebling’s vocals weave an entrancing tapestry of darkness.

Now, center your attention on “Dying World,” a moment that encapsulates Pentagram’s artistry in merging the brooding essence of doom with the timeless allure of classic heavy metal. It’s a musical alchemy that elevates this track to a standout status.

This is a sonic odyssey through the corridors of time. Each composition contributes to a larger narrative, painting an immersive soundscape of doom and gloom. As you approach the zenith with “You’re Lost, I’m Free,” the musical intensity reaches its pinnacle, leaving an enduring impression.

Pentagram’s debut is a living testament to a band finding their resonance in a genre that would go on to carve its place in the annals of heavy music. For those drawn to the shadowy, weighty cadence of sound, this album isn’t just a recommendation – it’s a timeless treasure, still beckoning listeners with its authentic allure after all these years.

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Released by Pentagram Records in February 1985

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