Witching Chronicles: Exploring The Greenleaf’s The Head & The Habit

Greenleaf’s new album, “The Head & The Habit,” is a real treat for anyone who loves heavy rock, and the band itself. This band has been around for a while, starting as a casual side project and growing into a serious force in the rock scene. Led by guitarist Tommi Holappa from Dozer, Greenleaf has finally settled into a solid lineup that really clicks.

How well the band blends old-school 70s hard rock vibes with a modern edge. You can tell they’ve been inspired by classic rock, but they’ve made it their own. The whole thing kicks off with some killer riffs from Tommi, and it’s clear right away that he knows his stuff. His guitar work is both powerful and detailed, really drawing you in.

A big part of what makes “The Head & The Habit” so special is Arvid Hällagård’s vocals. He joined the band back in 2013 and brought a whole new energy with his soulful voice. His singing is raw and emotive, and it pairs perfectly with the music. Drummer Sebastian Olsson, who’s been with the band for a while now, adds a lot with his energetic drumming. And then there’s Hans Fröhlich on bass, keeping everything grounded with his deep, driving lines.

One of the best things about this album is how cohesive it feels. Each song flows into the next, making it a great listen from start to finish. The production is spot on, too, letting each band member shine while keeping the overall sound tight and balanced. You’ll find a mix of fast, hard-hitting tracks and slower, more thoughtful ones, showing off the band’s versatility.

Overall, “The Head & The Habit” is a fantastic album from Greenleaf. It honors their roots while pushing their sound forward. Whether you’ve been a fan for years or are just discovering them, this album is definitely worth a listen. Greenleaf has proven once again that they’re one of the best bands in the heavy rock scene today.

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Released by Magnetic Eye Records on June 21, 2024

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