Witching Wire: Byron Unleashes Fierce Critique in New Single ‘Resignation’ and Prepares for Second Album Release

Finnish heavy metal band BYRON, which mixes its eclectic sound from NWOBHM to doom metal and back again to occult rock, was formed in 2019 and consists of long-term, competent musicians whose history lies in doom and black metal, as in hard rock and other styles of metal. BYRON currently released the full length “The Omega Evangelion” (2021) and the song “Sometimes Dead Is Better” (January 2023).

“‘Resignation’ is the second single from Byron’s forthcoming second album” says drummer and songwriter Johannes. “It is probably the angriest song I have made for the band so far, and a big personal middle finger to all politicians and priests who talk pretty words and act like the pathetic cunts they are inside. The perfect song for a sunny summer evening, that is!” 

He continues “Religion has been a great motivator for discrimination, hate and aggression throughout human history and we still see religiously motivated political decisions being made in civilized countries.

We need to believe and actively participate in building a society without superstitions and focus on a better tomorrow with equality, compassion, reason, justice and empathy towards one another.”

In the words of Denis Diderot: “Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest”.

Give ear to RESIGNATION right here:

Their sophomore album, still untitled, will be released by THE GOATMANCER Records during 2023.

Stay tuned for more info to come:


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