Witching Chronicles: Exploring The ALMOST HONEST’s The Hex of Penn’s Woods

Step into the smoky vortex of Central Pennsylvania’s rock scene, and you’ll stumble upon Almost Honest – an alchemical quartet whose latest creation, The Hex of Penn’s Woods, is a testament to their musical wizardry. Birthed in 2012 from the depths of local obscurity, this band has been quietly weaving spells with their sludgy riffs, groovy vibes, and lyrics that could charm even the most elusive Sasquatch.

Leading this musical coven is the enigmatic guitarist Shayne Reed, whose fingers seem to channel ancient forces as they dance across the strings. His riffs, like secret incantations, pull you into a sonic realm where heaviness meets enchantment. Garrett Spangler, the bassist, lays down the kind of rhythms that reverberate through your bones, grounding Almost Honest’s ethereal journey into the unknown.

David Kopp, the maestro of immense leads, adds a celestial touch to the brew, elevating the music to otherworldly heights. And then there’s Quinten Spangler, the rhythmic ent-war drummer whose beats thump like the heartbeat of a musical forest, beckoning you deeper into their enchanting domain.

The Hex of Penn’s Woods is a musical séance, an intimate peek into the creative cauldron where Almost Honest has been concocting their sonic potions. The tracks unfold like ancient scrolls, revealing cryptic verses that lure you into a dance with the Sasquatch of sound they’ve summoned.

The creamy fuzz-soaked, metallic prog-funk potion they’ve crafted feels like a journey through both time and space. It’s a nostalgic nod to the roots of rock, yet it boldly pushes into uncharted territories, defying the constraints of genre. The result is a spellbinding auditory experience that feels simultaneously familiar and groundbreaking.

While the specifics of the album’s genesis remain veiled in the mystery of druidic magics, what’s undeniable is the personal energy Almost Honest has poured into this release. You can almost feel the sweat, the late-night sessions, and the collective heartbeat of a band that has honed their craft through years of live performances.

As we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of The Hex of Penn’s Woods, it’s clear that Almost Honest is ready to deliver an experience that transcends the ordinary. For those who have craved the riotous energy of their live shows in Pennsylvania, this album is a promise – a promise of raw power, sonic enchantment, and the kind of musical journey that only Almost Honest can provide. When the world is finally ready, brace yourself for the unbridled magic that awaits in the woods of Pennsylvania. My favorite track – Amish Hex!

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Released by ARGONAUTA Records on November 24, 2023
Promotion: Grand Sounds PR

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