Witching Chronicles: Exploring The TROPIC SANTOS’ Caccia Grossa

Tropic Santos, the Milan-based instrumental psych-stoner trio, invites listeners on an unforgettable expedition through uncharted sonic landscapes with their latest release, “Caccia Grossa.” Emerging from the musical crucible of 2018-2019, the band consists of Marco De Salvo – Guitars, Giulio Tiberi – Drums, and Luca Umidi – Bass. Together, they’ve crafted an album with a distinctive psych-stoner flavor.

The trio has meticulously refined their art, seamlessly melding entrancing grooves with expansive, hypnotic textures. The absence of vocals isn’t a limitation; rather, it allows the instruments to articulate a compelling narrative that resonates with each listener.

“Caccia Grossa” unfolds as a 33-minute exploration of the band’s evolving sound. The hypnotic rhythms of “No Amico” and the pulsating energy of “Jaguar Mamas” underscore Tropic Santos’ ability to shape a diverse sonic landscape. The palpable chemistry between the musicians allows each instrument to complement the others, resulting in a rich and immersive experience. These tracks highlight the trio’s adeptness at navigating unconventional paths, ensuring that the listener remains engaged and intrigued. The dynamic shifts in tempo and mood inject an element of unpredictability, heightening the overall listening experience.

Collaborating with producer Luca Ciffo (Traum, Fuzz Orchestra) has propelled Tropic Santos’ sound to new heights. The live session recording in December authentically captures the essence of the band, emphasizing their prowess in a live setting. The seamless transitions between tracks create a continuous flow, intensifying the immersive quality of the album.

Emerging from the shadows of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2022, Tropic Santos graced the stage, delivering a robust yet imaginative sonic experience that captivated audiences. “Caccia Grossa” stands as a testament to their live prowess, capturing the raw energy and intensity of their performances.

In summary, Tropic Santos’ “Caccia Grossa” is a sojourn through a psychedelic jungle of sound. Their unique blend of grooves, hypnotic textures, and unconventional paths has resulted in an instrumental album that leaves an indelible impression. As listeners navigate the sonic labyrinth, they will find themselves ensnared in Tropic Santos’ musical web, eagerly anticipating the revelations beyond each twist and turn.

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Released by ARGONAUTA Records on January 19, 2024
Music source for review – Grand Sounds PR

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