Witching Riffs: Behind the Sound of BEES MADE HONEY IN THE VEIN TREE

Introduction: Due to time constraints as regular individuals running Witching Buzz and focusing primarily on writing reviews, we are limited to publishing only one (occasionally two) review(s) per day. However, we strongly believe in providing greater exposure to deserving bands and musicians who have put in immense effort. As a result, we have launched a new section called “Witching Riffs: Behind the Sound.” In this section, we have crafted a series of intriguing questions that we pose to every band or musician who wishes to share more about their unique projects. While the questions remain the same for each participant, the diversity among bands ensures that the answers will be fascinating and diverse. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this captivating journey as we delve into the minds and stories of these talented artists.


What drew you to the immersive and hypnotic sounds? How do you aim to captivate your listeners with this genre?
Our music works largely on the basis of repetitive sequences and spherical soundscapes. The principle is actually the same as with electronic music, only that we have much heavier and deeper parts due to our influences from doom. At the same time, we put a lot of emphasis on dynamics and a flow in the song that allows the listener to follow along and dive in. Since all our songs are created through jams and there is no single songwriter in the band, the songs are mostly created through intuition and feeling for the moment. Then many different things can happen, which is why it’s always difficult to understand afterwards how certain songs came about or what we were thinking in this process.

Can you share the story behind your band name? How does it reflect the essence of your music?
The name goes back to a painting Simon made for our rehearsal space (He also painted the bee on the cover of our first record). When we were looking at the painting, we thought of the words “bee”, “honey(comb)”, “vein” and “tree”. As a joke, Simon put them into the phrase from Earth’s record The Bees Made Honey in the Lion Skull, and it stuck. We considered changing our name, even when we were in the studio recording Medicine, but finally decided to keep our name.

What are some unconventional or unexpected influences that have shaped your unique blend?
Of course, it’s always difficult to say what influences you bring to your music, because a lot of it happens unconsciously. But I think for our genre it’s rather unusual that we all listened to a lot of shoegaze for a while (and partly still today). I think in some parts of our music you can find the characteristic elements of this music style.

How do you approach creating expansive and atmospheric soundscapes? What techniques or methods do you employ to achieve that signature vibe?
Of course, our sound is mainly based on the use of effects – especially a lot of reverb. During the production of Aion we used a lot of effect pedals, did reampings where we reproduced existing tracks again with certain effects and also overdubs at appropriate points. Our producer Ralv Milberg is an expert in this field and influenced our sound in many places. At the same time, we also make sure that the sound aesthetic remains realisable live.

Are there specific themes or emotions you seek to convey through your music? How do alternative music help you express those concepts effectively?
Our lyrics – which Simon writes – deal with very different themes, but are rather unspecific and methaphoric. The imagery evokes the listener’s own imagination, precisely because of the ambiguity. That’s why our music can evoke very different emotions and allow for different interpretations.
Music can of course always be an expression of a range of different themes. However, we avoid pushing a particular message or view. So everything remains vague, especially because of the effects that are on the vocals. Often you can’t understand exactly what we are singing.

In what ways do you envision your music progressing or evolving in the future? Are there any new elements or experimental approaches you’d like to incorporate?
It’s difficult to say at the moment, after Aion we are in a new phase of finding the vision of our music. But with Aion we worked a lot with field recordings that Simon made. That was quite new, especially in terms of quantity. There are also drone and ambient parts on the album, which are also not so pronounced on the last albums. Maybe we’ll use that more in the future or go in a different direction, who knows.

Is there a particular song in your discography that perfectly encapsulates the essence of your music? Please elaborate on its creation and significance.
Yes, this is Cinitus from our second album Grandmother. We play that song – which is 17 minutes long – live every time. It actually covers our complete range of sound, from doom to psychedelic to post rock and shoegaze. It was the first song we wrote after Medicine and we probably put everything we had into it.

Are there any emerging or lesser-known artists within your music genre realm that you find inspiring or deserving of more recognition? Feel free to share their names and what you appreciate about their work.
Echolot – They are a Swiss psych doom band and when we played with them in Vienna, we saw for the first time a band that is very similar to us musically in many ways. That hasn’t happened very often until now. It’s definitely worth having a listen.

What do you hope listeners experience or feel when they immerse themselves in your compositions? Is there a specific mood or sensation you aim to evoke?
It’s always interesting to read what moods people associate with our music. Some reviews emphasize the darker and more negative moods, others emphasize a certain beauty and positivity that lies in the music. We actually feel more connected to the latter. But of course it is up to every listener how he interprets our music.

Turbo Regime:
– Fuzz or distortion? – In the proper context, its distortion.
– Analog or digital effects? – I know it is an OR, but both.
– Sabbath or Zeppelin? – For me personally, Led Zeppelin.
– Heavy riff or mind-bending solo? – If I have to choose, then mind-bending solo. But we do both at the same time.
– Vintage gear or modern equipment? – Modern equipment.


You can order Aion HERE.
Label: Magnetic Eye Records

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