Witching Riffs: Behind the Sound of ORBITER

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ORBITER / Finland

What drew you to the immersive and hypnotic sounds? How do you aim to captivate your listeners with this genre?
There’s a certain repetitive nature to this style of music that really lets the listener relax into it and swim through the riffs and singing. In our sound, the guitar and bass form a kind of heavy wool, and the vocals float on top of that, guiding the listener through the music. Another important aspect is to use all the instruments to build a powerful groove that’s heavy but still swings and makes you want to move.

Can you share the story behind your band name? How does it reflect the essence of your music?
It would be great to have some deep story here, but the fact of the matter is that our previous guitarist came up with it when we were sitting in the sauna. Actually, the first idea was Phantom Orbiter, but we decided that just plain Orbiter sounds much better. All this being said, we’d like to think that our music can take the listener to an astral trip, to an orbit around their inner core.

What are some unconventional or unexpected influences that have shaped your unique blend?
The musicians in Orbiter are all coming into it from pretty different musical starting points, which creates an interesting and varied dynamic. Alexander (guitars) and Tuomas (bass) are really deeply versed in the doom, stoner, and heavy psych world. Carolin (vocals) has a really eclectic musical background, and she’s involved with everything from throat singing to techno to folk. Sami’s drum playing is coming from a classic rock and funk background, and that gives a twist of lemon into our way of playing doom metal rhythms.

How do you approach creating expansive and atmospheric soundscapes? What techniques or methods do you employ to achieve that signature vibe?
Delay, echo, and reverb play a really important part in our music. We use these effects with the guitar to create a sense of vast space and atmosphere. In live situations, Carolin’s vocals are also swimming in a sea of echoes. When we want to create a vibe of grinding heaviness, we like to layer track upon track guitars and bass with different types of fuzz, overdrive, and distortion to create a thick wall of sound.

Are there specific themes or emotions you seek to convey through your music? How do alternative music help you express those concepts effectively?
A recurring theme is definitely catharsis and overcoming both internal and external struggles. Our lyrics deal a lot with darkness, but always with an underlying sense of hope. We think our music also mirrors this dynamic. We play a lot with light and shade, contrasting fragile and atmospheric sections with heavy, pummeling riffs. A fan of ours once told us that our music helped him during some dark times, and that really means a lot to us, and it touches the core essence of our music.

Share a remarkable moment or incident from your journey as a band that exemplifies the spirit of your music.
We were performing in Tampere, Finland, at an abandoned factory that’s been turned into a skate park. After playing In Echoes, probably our longest, heaviest and most trippy and psychedelic song, someone in the audience yelled out “what the fuck just happened?” in an exhausted voice. During the same gig, after playing Hollow World, we could hear a young girl scream “I can’t take how awesome this is!”. That was definitely a gig to remember.

In what ways do you envision your music progressing or evolving in the future? Are there any new elements or experimental approaches you’d like to incorporate?
We try not to have any preconceived notions about the outcome when we start writing new songs, as we’d rather let the creative process guide us wherever it may. We do want to always maintain a certain heavy psych vibe in our music, but that comes so naturally that we don’t even need to think about it. Experimentation with different types of vocal textures and guitar soundscapes is something we always try to do, and we love adding new elements using percussion instruments and synths.

Is there a particular song in your discography that perfectly encapsulates the essence of your music? Please elaborate on its creation and significance.
The title track of our new album Hollow World epitomizes the different aspects of our music. The song started with a simple guitar melody written by Tuomas, and it grew very organically around that. Hollow World has that interplay between light and darkness, both lyrically and musically, that we consider essential to the Orbiter sound. The juxtaposition of trippy effects and fragile vocals with crushing, hypnotic, heavy riffing is really captivating, and this song always seems to really resonate with our audiences when we play it live.

Are there any emerging or lesser-known artists within your music genre realm that you find inspiring or deserving of more recognition? Feel free to share their names and what you appreciate about their work.
The Finnish cult doom band Mansion is artistically and atmospherically very ambitious and a great band that should get more international recognition.

What do you hope listeners experience or feel when they immerse themselves in your compositions? Is there a specific mood or sensation you aim to evoke?
We hope that listening to our songs feels like a journey with many peaks and valleys. The underlying emotion in our music is catharsis and finding inner strength in the face of adversity.

Turbo Regime:
– Fuzz or distortion? – We worship the fuzz
– Analog or digital effects? – Analog
– Sabbath or Zeppelin? – This is like asking which parent you love more! Well, maybe Sabbath by hair’s width
– Heavy riff or mind-bending solo? – To quote Frank Sinatra: you can’t have one without the other
– Vintage gear or modern equipment? – We love vintage gear

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You can order Hollow World HERE.
Label: ARGONAUTA Records
Promo: Grand Sounds PR

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