Witching Riffs: Behind the Sound of Chernobyl Jazz Club

Introduction: Due to time constraints as regular individuals running Witching Buzz and focusing primarily on writing reviews, we are limited to publishing only one (occasionally two) review(s) per day. However, we strongly believe in providing greater exposure to deserving bands and musicians who have put in immense effort. As a result, we have launched a new section called “Witching Riffs: Behind the Sound.” In this section, we have crafted a series of intriguing questions that we pose to every band or musician who wishes to share more about their unique projects. While the questions remain the same for each participant, the diversity among bands ensures that the answers will be fascinating and diverse. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this captivating journey as we delve into the minds and stories of these talented artists.

Chernobyl Jazz Club / Iceland

What drew you to the immersive and hypnotic sounds? How do you aim to captivate your listeners with this genre?
The immersive and hypnotic sounds we make come from our shared interest in exploring the deepest parts of people’s minds and feelings. We think music has the power to take people to otherworldly places, and our goal is to captivate them with complex layering, ambient sounds, and hypnotic melodies. We want our listeners to feel like they are going on a trip through sound that touches their souls and emotions deeply.

Can you share the story behind your band name? How does it reflect the essence of your music?
The name “Chernobyl Jazz Club” came from putting together two things that don’t seem to go together: the haunting memory of the Chernobyl disaster and the free-form, creative nature of jazz music. The way it combines raw, unfiltered feelings with the spontaneity and creativity of jazz really shows what our music is all about. Our music, as the name suggests, looks for beauty in chaos and unity in dissonance.

What are some unconventional or unexpected influences that have shaped your unique blend?
Nature’s symphonies, alot og rock and metal music, and even avant-garde writing are just some of the places where we get ideas. Conventional instruments and sounds also find their way into our compositions, creating a tapestry of diverse influences that shape our unique blend.

How do you approach creating expansive and atmospheric soundscapes? What techniques or methods do you employ to achieve that signature vibe?
We take a lot of care when making soundscapes that are big and dramatic. We try out new instruments, effects, and recording methods until we find the ones that best express the feelings we’re going for. Our signature deep vibe comes from carefully weaving together layers of sound to give the music more depth and texture.

Are there specific themes or emotions you seek to convey through your music? How does alternative music help you express those concepts effectively?
We use our music to explore themes of sadness, self-reflection, and the beauty in the dark. Alternative music gives us the freedom to show how we really feel about these complicated feelings. It lets us question standard structures and try out new sounds, which helps us share our deepest thoughts and feelings with the world in a way that connects with them.

Share a remarkable moment or incident from your journey as a band that exemplifies the spirit of your music.
The crowd became a part of this strange experience as we played. For a moment, we all forgot about reality and connected through the music, embodying the spirit of our art.

In what ways do you envision your music progressing or evolving in the future? Are there any new elements or experimental approaches you’d like to incorporate?
As time goes on, we want to push the limits of our sound even more. We’re going to add more electronic parts and play around with synthesizers and digital effects to make a smooth mix of natural and artificial sounds. We’re also planning to work with musicians from other genres, which will broaden our musical horizons and enhance our sound palette.

Is there a particular song in your discography that perfectly encapsulates the essence of your music? Please elaborate on its creation and significance.
The song “Jazzklúbburinn” perfectly captures who we are. It started as an impromptu jam session where we were all free to express our feelings. The ethereal melodies and gradual intensification that characterize our music’s core represent life’s cyclical nature.

Are there any emerging or lesser-known artists within your music genre realm that you find inspiring or deserving of more recognition? Feel free to share their names and what you appreciate about their work.
We find immense inspiration in the work of artists like Unverkalt and Årabrot, whose ability to blend traditional instruments with modern electronic elements creates a truly captivating auditory experience. They should be given more credit for their creative approach to sound design and processing since, in our opinion, they are doing wonders for music in whole.

What do you hope listeners experience or feel when they immerse themselves in your compositions? Is there a specific mood or sensation you aim to evoke?
We hope that when listeners immerse themselves in our compositions, they start on a transformative trip. We want to elicit reflection from them, inviting them to delve into the depths of their emotions. Through our music, we want to create a sanctuary where listeners can find solace, think on their innermost thoughts, and eventually, discover a profound connection with the universality of human experience.

Turbo Regime:
– Distortion or fuzz? – Distortion, for its versatility and ability to shape-shift our sound dynamically.
– Analog or digital effects? – Analog, for its warmth and authenticity, enhancing the organic nature of our music.
– Sabbath or Zeppelin? – Sabbath, for being ahead of their time and influencing the heavier parts of our sound.
– Heavy riff or mind-bending solo? – The heavy riff is important because it gives our soundscapes a solid base.
– Vintage gear or modern equipment? – We use vintage instruments and equipment because of the classic sound they provide and the new textures they add to our songs.

Chernobyl Jazz Club Facebook.

You can order Grìmulaust HERE.
Label: ARGONAUTA Records
Promo: Grand Sounds PR

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