Witching Riffs: Behind the Sound of Omega Sun

Introduction: Due to time constraints as regular individuals running Witching Buzz and focusing primarily on writing reviews, we are limited to publishing only one (occasionally two) review(s) per day. However, we strongly believe in providing greater exposure to deserving bands and musicians who have put in immense effort. As a result, we have launched a new section called “Witching Riffs: Behind the Sound.” In this section, we have crafted a series of intriguing questions that we pose to every band or musician who wishes to share more about their unique projects. While the questions remain the same for each participant, the diversity among bands ensures that the answers will be fascinating and diverse. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this captivating journey as we delve into the minds and stories of these talented artists.

Omega Sun / Slovenia

What drew you to the immersive and hypnotic sounds? How do you aim to captivate your listeners with this genre?
We’ve always been hooked on the immersive and hypnotic vibes in rock music. The lush, mind-bending sounds create this trance-like experience that we find irresistible. It’s like a journey for us, exploring the psychedelic and progressive elements, crafting a sonic space where we and the listeners can get lost.

Can you share the story behind your band name? How does it reflect the essence of your music?
The band name was taken from a song with the same name by the Slovenian black metal band Samomor. When I saw the title “Omega Sun” it directly inspired me to start a stoner rock band with this exact name. Can’t really explain why, it just really sounded cool and proper to me and actually it kick-started the formation of this band.

What are some unconventional or unexpected influences that have shaped your unique blend?
Music is a vast language, and we find inspiration in everything we hear. It’s not always a specific song but often a sound that sparks creativity. Unconventional is subjective – what’s new to one might be familiar to another, depending on cultural backgrounds. Our music is a blend influenced by this rich tapestry of sounds and experiences.

How do you approach creating expansive and atmospheric soundscapes? What techniques or methods do you employ to achieve that signature vibe?
In the past our method and technique was inhaling copious amounts of THC clouds. Nowadays the technique is getting enough sleep haha.

Are there specific themes or emotions you seek to convey through your music? How do alternative music help you express those concepts effectively?
Things like this aren’t planned out and we really don’t think about it. We play the music we would like to hear ourselves and simply let it flow from ourselves. It’s basically our emotions channeled through musical instruments into songs.

Share a remarkable moment or incident from your journey as a band that exemplifies the spirit of your music.
Something like a year after our debut album was released, out of the blue we got invited to play in the USA. We got to play Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Pasadena and Yucca Valley in the Mojave Desert not far from the Welcome to Sky Valley sign. That was quite remarkable for all the right reasons.

In what ways do you envision your music progressing or evolving in the future? Are there any new elements or experimental approaches you’d like to incorporate?
We’re not big on planning or lengthy discussions about the future direction of our music. When we gather in the rehearsal room, it’s more about chasing the excitement of creating sounds that resonate with us and that we genuinely enjoy. It’s an organic process — we let the music unfold naturally, embracing whatever happens in the moment. The beauty lies in the spontaneity and the thrill of exploration.

Is there a particular song in your discography that perfectly encapsulates the essence of your music? Please elaborate on its creation and significance.
I’d like to think of us as more of an album band so it’s really difficult to single out one specific song. I’m really thinking hard about this but I really don’t know what to tell you haha. In a sense even though all of the songs are different from each other I guess they all perfectly encapsulate the essence of our music. Regarding the creation of said songs by far and large our method is always sharing and playing musical ideas between the three of us in the rehearsal room and coming up with a finished song sooner or later.

Are there any emerging or lesser-known artists within your music genre realm that you find inspiring or deserving of more recognition? Feel free to share their names and what you appreciate about their work.
Here are some bands we believe you should be checking out:
Meduzalem, Hoba, Jegulja, Goragorja, Paranoise, TSO, Ater Era, Britof, Dunraven, Bregove Dere, My Pitbull Lucifer … All of these bands we believe offer valid and enjoyable musical output and they stand on their own and aren’t just simple derivatives of already existing established bands.

What do you hope listeners experience or feel when they immerse themselves in your compositions? Is there a specific mood or sensation you aim to evoke?
It’s supposed to feel like an avalanche and a desert at the same time. In between house size blocks of stone and fine sand in the oldest deserts of the world.

Turbo Regime:
– Fuzz or distortion?

Fuzz is a special type of distortion where harmonic overtones dominate the overall sound.

– Analog or digital effects?
Whatever works and bonus points if it’s cheap.

– Sabbath or Zeppelin?
Deep Purple!

– Heavy riff or mind-bending solo?
Mind-bending solo over a heavy riff.

– Vintage gear or modern equipment?
Cheap, affordable gear that does its job.

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